Monday, July 9, 2007

Be a part of our Global Nomadic Lookbook!

Send us a picture of you wearing any item of Freedom is Natural Nirvana (FINN) and we'll add it to our global nomadic lookbook.

Whether navigating from one night spot to another in the Meatpacking District only to return to your favorite hideaway in the morning with Thoreau in one hand and a ridiculously large java in the other, or patiently waiting besides Hachiko at Shibuya Station, or sauntering silently but passionately besides your lover in Jardin des Tuilieres, we believe that there is a nomad in all of us - a nomad who searches for his livelihood and expresses his freedom in his very own ways.

Submitting your photo is easy!

1) Wear any FINN garment while roaming, relaxing, or doing whatever it is that worldly nomads do.
2) Take a picture and email it to us at
3) If we vibe with your photo, we'll post your picture on our "Global Nomadic Lookbook" page.
4) Added bonus: we'll send you a FREE shirt if your picture is selected to post on our website.

A few rules & regulations:

  • Photo must be a raw, uncropped image.
  • JPEG or GIF formats only.
  • We reserve the right to adjust or crop your image to fit our specifications.
  • Absolutely NO inappropriate content in the photo.
Just submit your photo as an attachment to and be sure to tell us where the picture was taken!